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For rent office space, Shophouse Intracom Riverside Vinh Ngoc Dong Anh

For rent office space, Shophouse Intracom Riverside Vinh Ngoc Dong Anh Best price market

- Intracom Riverside apartment in Nhat Tan Dong Anh: At present, business and retail opportunities are available at Shopoffice and Shophouse in Intracom Riverside, Nhat Tan, Dong Anh, Intracom Riverside, Nhat Tan, Dong Anh. Nearly all of the offices at Intracom Riverside's T-junction in Nhat Tan Dong Anh have been completed and are being rented on the first and second floors. Prices range from $ 10- $ 20 / sq m / month.

Contact to rent Shopoffice or Shophouse: Call now for quick and accurate information: 091.337.4482

- About the shop house is currently under construction and is leased very convenient for business products such as drugstore, fashion, coffee house, furniture, electrical appliances, household goods, ant design architecture, ...

For rent office space, Shophouse Intracom Riverside Vinh Ngoc Dong Anh

About price: floor 1 from 5-10usd / m2, 2nd floor from 7usd / m2. Depending on the angle or ground and View View the square or the flower garden.

1. Specifically our investor office will soon have some concrete as follows:

83 sq.m. (Shopoffice) Very convenient to open a foreign language center, gifted education, sales, representative office, price is only 6USD / m2 / month. Can negotiate lower.

- floors on all floors for rent, price from 6tr / month ...

- And many other grounds, specific needs please contact ...

2. What are the support for our tenants?

- Free referral to rent apartment and see the house at Intracom Riverside project ... quickly, accurately.

- Provide legal guarantee contract for customers.

- Management Registration Support: Ticketing and resident cards are free.

- The house is available to watch without waiting.

Contact to hire Shopoffice or Shophouse: 091.337.4482

For rent office space, Shophouse Intracom Riverside Vinh Ngoc Dong Anh

3. Intracom Riverside Facilities, 5-star luxury business for Intracom Riverside Vinh Ngoc Dong Anh is as follows:

- The clinic of the owner building and service: the customer is promoted to international level.

- Intracom Vinh Ngoc apartments: there are lounge for residents to welcome and receive guests.

- Floor system: security, no rain and rain ready to serve 24/24.

- The owner of the equipment: With the shophouse as the needs of customers can receive raw or full furniture.

- Landlords to work more: There are many homeowners to add, such as, lights, air conditioning, flooring concrete flat. You only have to bring the floor to use immediately.

Many Shophouse or Shopoffice apartments, also known as mixed-use homes and businesses, would otherwise be cheaper to rent. The fixed prices are a bit higher. The lease term is from 3 to 15 years.

4. Utilities provided For Intracom Riverside residents Nhat Tan Dong Anh Attracting residents to:

- Near the swimming pool 4 seasons 2000 m2 at Intracom Riverside Nhat Tan Dong Anh both indoors and outdoors cool.

- And new facilities such as chess playing garden of the elderly, chairs ... are completely free

- Get discount of 5-10% for Intracom Riverside residents of Nhat Tan Dong Anh when dining at Intracom Riverside Shopping Center in Nhat Tan Dong Anh or outdoor restaurants.

Contact us at website:

Address: Riverside Investment Office of Vinh Ngoc Dong Anh Project

No. 1 Vo Nguyen Giap - Nhat Tan Bridge, Vinh Ngoc, Dong Anh, Hanoi

Hotline call to rent Shopoffice or Shophouse: 091.337.4482

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